Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 18th

The Bluer Family.

Today was a very emotionally trying day.  We started out the day dealing with the fact that our very close friends the Parrs are moving tomorrow.  Then, another wrench was thrown into the day that left us speechless, and so very thankful to God!  The family you seen pictured above...the Bluers attend our homeschool co op.  They have been there for as long as I can remember.  The mother Marcie, is the sweetest woman you will ever meet.  She has a gentle voice, and a casual demeanor that makes you feel instantly comfortable with her.  I've only had the pleasure of teaching a few of their children, but I see them every week.  I can't say enough about how polite, respectful and full-of-life they are.  

Early this morning, after Steve had left for work....Marcie heard a noise that sounded like glass breaking.  She got out of bed, opened her bedroom door......to see flames!  Everyone jumped into action and got out of the house, only to discover that the 4 year old child...Sammy was not there!  Older brother Jonathon, 17 and athletic ran back into the house to find him.  He found him upstairs, and with the house quickly engulfing in flames was forced to drop him into the arms of 20-year old David from the second story.  Jonathon climbed down to safety.  We are soooo very, very thankful to God that every Bluer is alive and well, and except for some burns on Marcie's feet no worse for the wear.  

This story goes on.  As soon as word got out, things started to happen.  The homeschool community, and the Christian as well have shown their true colors and I am thankful and proud to be a part of it.  The  Bluers have a long road ahead of them (and we are hoping to get them on Extreme Makeover Home Edition!), but I am quite sure that with God, and his family of believers they will have a story that will be a testament for many.  

March 17th.

Girl's Night.

My daughters have been blessed with an amazing group of girls as their friends.  They try to get together once every semester, when the college students are home to have a "Girl's Night".  It usually involved, girly movies, dancing, talking and of course chocolate!  There are always lots of silly pictures to choose from after one of these events.  I was good though and chose a more flattering one.  I love all those girls!

It's Saint Patrick's Day and I'm Irish.....can you tell?

March 16th

Toasty buns.

Confession....this picture was taken a day or two before the 16th.  But, as of this moment I can't find a picture taken on that day.  However, Charlie is often looking for a warm body to cozy up to so the likelihood of this happening on the 16th is about 80-90%.  ;)

March 15th

Today we went to get our pictures done for the church directory.  I wonder if they'll use this shot of Christopher?

March 14th

More signs of Spring!  I'm getting SO EXCITED!  It is very hard to wait until it's warm enough to plant my flowers and garden.  Come on April!!

March 13th


In stark contrast to yesterday's "manly" picture, we have the beautiful Leanne.  She is modeling her newest purchase, a nice spring dress.  I hope she gets to wear it soon, because then it will mean that the weather has gotten quite warm!

March 12th


Or maybe, just my husband and son.  Ever since the trees were cut down, they have spent some time every now and then sawing and hauling the wood into our back yard.  As soon as the ground dries up they will have plenty of work organizing and piling the wood into neat stacks.  I don't anticipate needing to purchase a chord of wood for at least another year.  

March 11th


Today was the 2 year mark when Rachel and Luke started "liking" each other.  This may be confusing to many of you, but it makes sense to us.  We believe in courting over dating.  Dating, in today's times often leads to temptation, giving away your heart and eventually heartbreak.  Dan and I, along with Luke's parents are teaching Rachel and Luke to wait for things.  Saving things like kisses and saying "I love you" for much later in a relationship.  They are however, allowed to hold hands and give each other a hug.  We got a chuckle out of this picture though because it comes across as engaged rather than "Pre-Courting" as we call the stage they are at now.  :)

March 10th

Today I went to parent-teacher conferences.  I got to see Rachel's work as well.  She is doing very well in school, her average is 98%.  Her teacher's say she is a joy to have in class.  This is a picture of her updo for a competition.  Good job Rachel!  I knew you would do well.  :)

March 9th

Red Shoes.

Emily just loves playing dress up with Leanne.  You should have seen her reaction when she saw Leanne's new red shoes.  

March 8th

Paczki Day.

Around the country, there are several traditions for "Fat Tuesday".  The day before Ash Wednesday, when many people of faith enter a time of fasting, and self-denial.  I'm not so sure that I agree with the "partying it up before you have to fast" mentality.....but the kids sure do look forward to the paczkis that are out in abundance this one day each year.  

March 7th


Tonight for dinner I made some potato skins.  One of the ingredients was hot sauce, but of course it wasn't a lot.  However, Christopher wanted to try more....which lead to a dare to try a LOT more.  ;)

He took the dare......

March 6th

How many of you are serenaded to when you cook dinner?

March 5th

On a journey.

This picture was super-scary for me to post.  But, it's the only picture I took today so I'm trying to be brave.  I am on a journey to a new, healthier me.  I like the idea of being skinny, but I like the idea of being healthier more.  I'm hoping to reach a healthy weight for me....whatever that may be, by the end of this year.  I'm walking and jogging 3-4 times a week.  I prefer 4 times, but sometimes Saturdays are really busy.  Every day I push myself a little harder.  It's hard, but it feels good.  

March 4th

So, Rachel's in Cosmetology school.....

But, I'm not sure that everything she is learning is something she'll be able to use in her career.  What do you think?

March 3rd

Blurry.....but oh so cute and sweet!

This is my great-niece Kenleigh.  She is such a sweetheart.  But she's also very wiggly and my phone camera does not have the capabilities to keep up with her kind of action.  I got a kiss from her today, what a blessing!

March 2nd


Do you know how to be an ostrich?

March 1st

Rachel got her hoodie for her Cosmetology class.  She was pretty excited about it.  They did pick a cool design.  :)

February 28th

Let's face it, I got behind on taking pictures.  However, as I sat and thought about what I should do about today, I had a few things come to mind.  I remember that I spent a good deal of my time praying today.  Praying with the family, praying while jogging, doing dishes and so on.  We got word yesterday that a brother of our sister-in-laws passed.  That's two people in one week's time who have left us here on earth.  I prayed for Jordan's mom as I imagine this week may be harder than last because life keeps going on, and her life has taken a dramatic turn.  Then I prayed for my sister-in-law as she plans to bury her brother at a much younger age then she should have to.  God be with them and comfort them. 

February 27th


Today Rachel took care of a friend's little girl for a few hours while they went to an evening class at church.  Looks like Abby had fun.  Messy=fun.

February 26th

Christopher is enjoying every last minute of Winter he can get.   This is at a park not too far from our house that has both a snowboarding hill and a sledding one.  This time around he didn't have too many hard crashes.  

February 25th


As Rachel and her friends like to call it.  :)  Rachel spent the night at her friend Carrie's house.  You can always count on plenty of fun/silly pictures from overnights.  This one was no different.  

February 24th

Today was a super-rough day for many in our homeschool community.  A young man of not quite 16 passed away earlier in the week and we went to his funeral today.  His funeral ended up being so packed that many had to stand on the sides.  His father and mother's testimony reduced us to tears and I hope made many of the teens in attendance think about their lives and how they impact others.  Life is so fragile, and so precious.

February 23rd

Snow Fort or The Three Stoodges?

Christopher was outside once again, enjoying the snow.  (I don't get that.)  He was going to make a fort, but then  got creative and built what we then named, The Three Stoodges.  They looked really funny as they started to melt.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

February 22nd

We got another big snow, and Christopher was dying to get out and use his board.  So I took him and Daniel for a few hours to the hills in our township.  

February 21st

Today Christopher turned 13.

We already had a friend party for him, so it was just us.  Dan brought home some party favors.  They became weapons.  

Monday, February 21, 2011

February 20th

Get ready for picturama.  Today was a special day, I couldn't choose just one or two pictures.  We drove down to Columbus yesterday so we could come see Leanne in a play today!  She was cast as Cinderella in a children's concert put on by the Columbus Symphony Orchestra.  It was so cute and so fun!  Leanne did an amazing job!

Here is most of Leanne's fans, minus Rachel the picture taker.  

My sister came up to enjoy the performance with us.  

Along with her son Dylan, she brought my niece Michal for the occasion.  It was Michal's birthday present from her Aunt Teresa.

All us girls in the bathroom.  ;o)

Leanne on stage!  She was beautiful.  Much prettier than those stepsisters!

The fairy godmother arrived to make her dreams come true.

What a beautiful princess!

And now she has her prince.  

To finish off the night, I had to get a shot of my 12 year old....who will turn 13 tomorrow!  This is my 'baby boy'.  Oh how time marches on.  

February 19th

Today we drove down to Ohio and stayed overnight at a hotel.  It was nice to enjoy a change of scenery and enjoy a dip in the pool and hot tub.  :)

February 18th

Emily drew a picture of Rachel and Luke today.  It looks just like them, wouldn't you say?

February 17th

Jr. Thespians

In our homeschool co op, I like to teach.  This semester I taught drama to 1st-3rd graders.  I find that funny.  Like they need to be taught how to be dramatic!  :P

February 16th

It was a very busy day today!  A total of 7 kids were here.  4 of them were age 5 and under!  Thank goodness for the help of my teenagers.  They love kids, I'm very thankful for that and their energy.  They were all very good, but let's just say that I slept deeply that night.  ;)

February 15th


Christopher sure had his work cut out for him.  Taking on two daring swordsmen was risky, and there for a while it looked like it was curtains for him.  Until mom stepped in and took away the weapons.  Danger avoided.  

February 14th

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than holding and loving on a baby?  Leanne was out of town, so we helped out by taking care of the little ones she watches a few times a week.  Isn't little David the sweetest??

February 13th

Sara's first piano recital.  

My niece Sara started taking piano this past school year.  She is loving it, and today was her first performance.  She did very well!  Good job Sara!!  (The picture is a tad blurry because I didn't want to use the flash and distract her.  It was hard holding the camera still because of the way I had to angle my body to get the picture.)

This is Sara with her mom and brother.  :)